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Title: Meteor Shower
Author: pankeiko  
Genre: Friendship/Drabble
Pairing: OT6 (Hyunseung centric, Ninja!Dooseob/Kiwoon/Junseung)
Ratings: PG-13
Sumary: Hyunseung is not alone anymore
A/N: Once again, inspired in Owl City LOL, this time is Meteor Shower. Thanks again katiewenchh  for the help! She's awesome!

Meteor Shower

Hyunseung can finally see, as he steps down from the stage and listens as Doojoon
repeats “we’re singers, we’re singers” nonstop while pulling the six of them into a
hug, that he’s not on his own anymore. He’s happy he got to debut, but what makes
him happier is to be able to debut alongside these five other guys. They can be
short-tempered, stubborn, childish, but he wouldn’t have it any other way.

He remembers those times with Big Bang, and doubts flood his mind again. What if
they don’t do well? What if he doesn’t do well? These thoughts disappear fast as he
feels the grip on his shoulder tighten. He realizes he’s been made brand new again.
He’s no longer that little insecure boy he used to be. He’s a whole new person now,
and it’s all thanks to his new brothers.

Hyunseung hates to admit it, but he desperately needs those guys. They are now
the reason for his hard work, his sleepless nights in the dance studio, his
everything. Looking around, his smile gets even bigger when he sees Yoseob, who
is about to cry, clutching Doojoon tightly, Dongwoon ruffling Kikwang’s hair, while
the smaller one is bouncing up and down non-stop, and Junhyung shaking him
slightly, wanting to break him from his thoughts.

He closes his eyes, wishing they never let each other go. And as soon he opens
them and sees five pairs of eyes smiling at him, the tears he didn’t know he was
holding fall from his eyes. I am not on my own anymore.
Tags: !fanfiction, group: b2st/beast, ·pairing: OT6
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